Will You Sacrifice For Him?
Andrew Summers

Scholars speculate Paul’s motivation for writing Romans was his eagerness to preach the gospel to a church he had never visited (Rom. 1:8, 10). It is likely therefore, that the abundance of theological information we have concerning the righteousness revealed apart from the law, is due to Paul’s desire to be sure the church at Rome fully understood the meaning and implications of their great salvation in Jesus Christ. Our passage this morning serves as the beginning of the practical application portion of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Up until this point, Paul has carefully explained the meaning and implications of God’s righteousness which has now been revealed apart from the law, “the righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe” –Jews and Gentiles alike (Rom. 3:21, 23). Now, in our passage this morning, Paul begins to explain that the Christian’s reasonable response to the mercies of God’s salvation by faith in Christ Jesus, is nothing less than to offer our bodies and minds to him as our sacrificial service of worship.