Northwest Baptist Church 1960s
Homer G. Lindsday Jr. & Family

Northwest Baptist Church was founded as a mission chapel in 1950 by the Allapattah Baptist Church, calling Homer G. Lindsay, Jr. as its first pastor. Pastor Lindsay served the church for seventeen years, experiencing phenomenal growth. The church met in a Quonset for services and outside for sunday school.

Northwest Baptist Church 1960
Northwest Baptist Church - 1960

Permanent construction of the current church building began in 1957 and was completed in 1962.

Northwest Baptist Church Previs
Northwest Bapitst Church - Previsualization
Northwest Baptist Church - Exterior (1960s)
Northwest Baptist Church - Exterior (1960s)
Northwest Baptist Church - Interior (1960s)
Northwest Baptist Church - Interior (1960s)

The church then called F. William Chapman as its pastor in 1969 and he served the church for nine years.

William Chapman & Staff
F. William Chapman (Top Row Far Right) & Staff

In 1972 the Northwest Christian Academy was established as a ministry of the church and maintains an Early Learning and Development Center (18 mos. - 3 years) and a K4-12 grade school.

For a brief period of time between 1978 and 1979, Dr. E. H. Richards was called to be pastor.

James R. Summers was called as pastor in September 1979 and served the church for the next 34 years.  Though he would often grin and say he was "just an ole country boy from Tennessee," Pastor Summers was firmly committed to expositional preaching, and he was instrumental in leading the church through the vast social and cultural changes that north Miami would experience over the next three decades.  Under his leadership, the church doors were open to all, and as a result, the church truly became reflective of the beautiful, multicultural community growing around it.

James Summers Family
James R. Summers & Family

Another lasting legacy of Pastor Summers was his focus on the youth, as he was a firm believer that young people are capable of engaging in demanding and even challenging studies of theology, apologetics, worldview studies, and more.  Many of the teenagers and college students who studied under his tutelage would continue on to be leaders in churches, schools, and within their communities.

Present Northwest Baptist Church
Northwest Baptist Church - Present Day Exterior
Northwest Baptist Church - Present Day Interior
Northwest Baptist Church - Present Day Interior

In October 2013, Pastor Summers retired from ministry, and Pastor David L. Chase and Pastor Andrew P. Summers were called to the pulpit to lead the church over the next two years of transition.  During this time, the Pastor Search Committee was formed and with much prayer and reverence for the task at hand, they began seeking the Lord’s will for the direction of the church.  In October of 2015, the committee unanimously nominated Pastor Andrew Summers as the next lead pastor, which was followed by a unanimous confirmation from the deacon board. 

Then, in December of 2015 and with 94% of the vote, the congregation voted in resounding fashion to install Pastor Andrew as the next pastor of the Northwest Baptist Church.

Chase Family
David L. Chase & Family
Summers Family
Andrew P. Summers & Family